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Packages that use AttrName
condor.classad Java implementation of Condor "Classified Advertisements".  

Uses of AttrName in condor.classad

Fields in condor.classad declared as AttrName
 AttrName FuncCall.func
          The name of the function as supplied in the original source.
 AttrName SelectExpr.selector
          The right argument (identifier) of the selection operator.
          The string name associated with this reference.

Methods in condor.classad that return AttrName
static AttrName AttrName.fromText(String v)
          Returns the instance corresponding to a given NATIVE representation.
static AttrName AttrName.fromString(String v)
          Returns the instance corresponding to a given raw String.

Methods in condor.classad with parameters of type AttrName
 Expr RecordExpr.lookup(AttrName name)
          Find the attribute with the given name.
 RecordExpr RecordExpr.insertAttribute(AttrName key, Expr expr)
          Add an attribute (replacing previous value if any)
 Expr RecordExpr.removeAttribute(AttrName attr)
          Delete an attribute.
 Expr name)
          Search for a given attribute name in the RecordExprs on the stack, from innermost to outermost.

Constructors in condor.classad with parameters of type AttrName
FuncCall(AttrName func, List params)
          Create a function node from a name and a list of paramters.
SelectExpr(Expr base, AttrName selector)
          Create a new SelectExpr corresponding to base.selector.
AttrRef(AttrName name)
          Create a new AttrRef.