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HTCondor-CE 3 is distributed via RPM and is available from the following Yum repositories:

HTCondor-CE 3 Version History

This section contains release notes for each version of HTCondor-CE 3. HTCondor-CE version history can be found on GitHub.


This release fixes a circular configuration definition in the HTCondor-CE View that resulted in 100% CPU usage by the condor_gangliad daemon (HTCONDOR-161)


This release includes the following bugfixes:

  • Fix a stacktrace with the BDII provider when HTCONDORCE_SPEC isn't defined in the local HTCondor configuration
  • Fixed a race condition that could result in removed jobs being put on hold


This release includes the following new features:

  • Identify broken job routes upon startup
  • Add benchmarking parameters to the BDII provider via HTCONDORCE_SPEC in the configuration. See /etc/condor-ce/config.d/99-ce-bdii.conf for examples.

This release also includes the following bug-fixes:

  • Replace APEL uploader SchedD cron with init and systemd services
  • Fix reference to old BDII configuration values


This release includes improvements to the GLUE2 validation for the BDII provider.


This release includes the following new features:

  • Added the ability to configure the environment of routed jobs: Administrators may now add or override environment variables for resultant batch system jobs.
  • Simplified APEL configuration: HTCondor-CE provides appropriate default configuration for its APEL scripts so administrators only need to configure their HTCondor worker nodes as well as the APEL parser, client, and SSM. Details can be found in the documentation.

This release also includes the following bug-fixes:

  • Refined the APEL record filter to ignore jobs that have not yet started
  • Improved BDII provider error handling


  • Add APEL support for HTCondor-CE and HTCondor backends
  • Store malformed ads reporting to htcondor-ce-collector


  • Make blahp requirement binary package specific (SOFTWARE-3623)
  • Added condor_ce_store_cred for PASSWORD authentication
  • Use new multi-line syntax configuration syntax (SOFTWARE-3637)
  • Update MyOSG URL and queries


  • Explicitly set ALLOW_READ to support HTCondor 8.9 (SOFTWARE-3538)
  • Add timeouts to the BDII provider



  • Fix condor_ce_trace failures caused by transferring /usr/bin/env (SOFTWARE-3387)
  • Fix regex for RDIG certs (SOFTWARE-3399)
  • Don't require authz check for condor_ce_q (SOFTWARE-3414)


Fix condor_ce_info_status using the wrong port for the central collector (SOFTWARE-3381)


Ensure that all BDII files exist for the condor repository


This version enables building of the BDII sub-package for the condor repository



  • Allow InCommon host certs
  • Drop vestigal HTCondor-related configuration
  • Add documentation for mapping multiple VOMS attributes


  • Removed OSG-specific code and configuration from builds intended for the HTCondor repo
  • Updated the CERN BDII provider
  • Removed packaging necessary for EL5 builds


Handle missing MyType attribute in condor 8.7.5


  • Fix condor_ce_ping with IPv6 addresses (SOFTWARE-3030)
  • Fix for CEView being killed after 24h (SOFTWARE-2820)
  • Import the web_utils library for condor_ce_metric


  • Fix traceback if JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES not present (SOFTWARE-2814)
  • Improve POSIX compatability


Fix bug that resulted in losing track of some payload jobs in the Collector audit plugin


HTCondor-CE 3.0.0 adds user job auditing using HTCondor's collector plugin feature, which requires HTCondor 8.6.5.

  • Add the audit_payloads function. This logs the starting and stopping of all payloads that were started from pilot systems based on condor.
  • Do not hold jobs with expired proxy (SOFTWARE-2803)
  • Only warn about configuration if osg-configure is present (SOFTWARE-2805)
  • CEView VO tab throws 500 error on inital installation (SOFTWARE-2826)

Getting Help

If you have any questions about the release process or run into issues with an upgrade, please contact us for assistance.