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HTCondor-CE 4 are distributed via RPM and are available from the following Yum repositories:

Installing older versions

To install an older version of HTCondor-CE available in the above Yum repositories, first find all of the available versions:

# yum search --show-duplicates htcondor-ce

Then pick an version and install it with the following command:

# yum install htcondor-ce-4.3.0

HTCondor-CE 4 Version History

This section contains release notes for each version of HTCondor-CE 4. Full HTCondor-CE version history can be found on GitHub.


This release includes the following changes:

  • Fix an issue with an overly aggressive default SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE (HTCONDOR-350)
  • Use the GlobalJobID attribute as the APEL record lrmsID (#426)


This release includes the following new features:

  • Whole node jobs (HTCondor batch systems only) now make use of GPUs (HTCONDOR-103)
  • Added USE_CE_HOME_DIR configuration variable (default: True) to allow users to disable setting $HOME in the routed job's environment based on the HTCondor-CE user's home directory
  • HTCondor-CE Central Collectors now prefer GSI over SSL authentication (HTCONDOR-237)
  • HTCondor-CE registry now validates the value of submitted client codes (HTCONDOR-241)
  • Automatically remove CE jobs that exceed their maxWalltime (if defined) or the configuration value of ROUTED_JOB_MAX_TIME (default: 4320 sec/72 hrs)

This release also includes the following bug-fixes:

  • Fixed a circular configuration definition in the HTCondor-CE View that resulted in 100% CPU usage by the condor_gangliad daemon (HTCONDOR-161)


This release includes the following bug-fixes:

  • Fixed a stacktrace with the BDII provider when HTCONDORCE_SPEC isn't defined in the local HTCondor configuration
  • Fixed a race condition that could result in removed jobs being put on hold
  • Improved performance of the HTCondor-CE View


This release includes the following new features:

  • Add plug-in interface to HTCondor-CE View and separate out OSG-specific code and configuration
  • Add configuration option (COMPLETED_JOB_EXPIRATION) for how many days completed jobs may stay in the queue

This release also includes the following bug-fixes:

  • Replace APEL uploader SchedD cron with init and systemd services
  • Fix HTCondor-CE View SchedD query that caused "Info" tables to be blank


This release includes the following new features:

  • Add the CE registry web application to the Central Collector. The registry provides an interface to OSG site administrators of HTCondor-CEs to retrieve an HTCondor IDTOKEN for authenticating pilot job submissions.
  • Identify broken job routes upon startup
  • Add benchmarking parameters to the BDII provider via HTCONDORCE_SPEC in the configuration. See /etc/condor-ce/config.d/99-ce-bdii.conf

This release also includes the following bug-fixes:

  • Fix handling of unmapped GSI users in the Central Collector
  • Fix reference to old BDII configuration values


This release includes the following bug fixes:

  • Drop vestigial Central Collector configuration generator script and service
  • Fix unmapped GSI/SSL regular expressions and allow unmapped entities to advertise to the Central Collector


This release includes the following new features:

  • Add SSL support for reporting to Central Collectors
  • GLUE2 validation improvements for the BDII provider


This release includes the following new features:

  • Added the ability to configure the environment of routed jobs: Administrators may now add or override environment variables for resultant batch system jobs.
  • Simplified APEL configuration: HTCondor-CE provides appropriate default configuration for its APEL scripts so administrators only need to configure their HTCondor worker nodes as well as the APEL parser, client, and SSM. Details can be found in the documentation.

This release also includes the following bug-fixes:

  • Fixed the ability to specify grid certificate locations for SSL authentication
  • Refined the APEL record filter to ignore jobs that have not yet started
  • Fixed an issue where condor_ce_q required authentication
  • Re-enabled the ability for local users to submit jobs to the CE queue
  • Fixed an issue where some jobs were capped at 72 minutes instead of 72 hours
  • Improved BDII provider error handling


This release fixes a stacktrace that can occur on condor-ce service startup when the required QUEUE_SUPER_USER_MAY_IMPERSONATE = .* configuration is not set for HTCondor batch systems (#245).


This release includes the following new features:

  • SciTokens support if using an HTCondor version that supports SciTokens (e.g. the OSG-distributed HTCondor 8.9.2).
  • Disabled job retries by default since most jobs submitted through HTCondor-CEs are actually resource requests (i.e. pilot jobs) instead of jobs containing user payloads. Therefore, it's preferred to prevent these jobs from retrying and instead wait for additional resource requests to be submitted. To re-enable job retries, set the following in your configuration:

  • Simplified daemon authentication: HTCondor-CE now uses FS authentication between its own daemons instead of GSI.

  • Simplified remote CE requirements format: Remote CE requirements are a way to specify batch system directives that aren't directly supported in the job router for non-HTCondor batch systems. In the past, specifying these directives were often quite complicated. For example, a snippet from an example job route:

    set_default_remote_cerequirements = strcat("Walltime == 3600 && AccountingGroup =="", x509UserProxyFirstFQAN, "\"");

    The HTCondor 8.8 series allows users to specify the same logic using a simplified format within job routes. The same expression above can be written as the following snippet:

    set_WallTime = 3600;
    set_AccountingGroup = x509UserProxyFirstFQAN;
    set_default_CERequirements = "Walltime,AccountingGroup";
  • Reorganized HTCondor-CE configuration: configuration that admins are expected to change is in /etc/condor-ce/config.d/, other configuration is in /usr. Watch out for *.rpmnew files, particularly for /etc/condor-ce/condor_mapfile.rpmnew and /etc/condor-ce/config.d/*.conf.rpmnew, and merge changes into your existing configuration.

  • OSG domain changes: OSG builds of HTCondor-CE now use the standard domain for mapped principles. For example, UID_DOMAIN is now instead of If you've made changes to the default HTCondor-CE configuration, you may need to update any configuration to use *
  • Moved most OSG-specific configuration into the OSG CE metapackage (SOFTWARE-3813)
  • Increased the default maximum walltime to 72 hours

Getting Help

If you have any questions about the release process or run into issues with an upgrade, please contact us for assistance.