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Verifying an HTCondor-CE

To verify that you have a working installation of HTCondor-CE, ensure that all the relevant services are started and enabled then perform the validation steps below.

Managing HTCondor-CE services

In addition to the HTCondor-CE job gateway service itself, there are a number of supporting services in your installation. The specific services are:

Software Service name
Fetch CRL fetch-crl-boot and fetch-crl-cron
Your batch system condor or pbs_server or …
HTCondor-CE condor-ce
(Optional) APEL uploader condor-ce-apel and condor-ce-apel.timer

Start and enable the services in the order listed and stop them in reverse order. As a reminder, here are common service commands (all run as root):

To... On EL7, run the command...
Start a service systemctl start <SERVICE-NAME>
Stop a service systemctl stop <SERVICE-NAME>
Enable a service to start on boot systemctl enable <SERVICE-NAME>
Disable a service from starting on boot systemctl disable <SERVICE-NAME>

Validating HTCondor-CE

To validate an HTCondor-CE, perform the following steps:

  1. Verify that local job submissions complete successfully from the CE host. For example, if you have a Slurm cluster, run sbatch from the CE and verify that it runs and completes with scontrol and sacct.

  2. Verify that all the necessary daemons are running with condor_ce_status -any.

  3. Verify the CE's network configuration using condor_ce_host_network_check.

  4. Verify that jobs can complete successfully using condor_ce_trace.

Getting Help

If any of the above validation steps fail, consult the troubleshooting guide. If that still doesn't resolve your issue, please contact us for assistance.