What's new with HTCSS?

New Full-Time Position: Software Engineer

December 8, 2021

Join the Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC) as a software engineer working implementing the next generation of large-scale distributed computing actively used by many of the largest science projects in the world!

New HTCondor Version Scheme

September 22, 2021

Starting with HTCondor 9.2.0, HTCondor will adopt a new version scheme to facilitate quicker patch releases. The version number will still retain the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH form with slightly different meanings.

European HTCondor Workshop 2021 Next Week

September 13, 2021

The European HTCondor Workshop 2021 will be held next week, Monday Sept 20 through Friday Sept 24 as a purely online event via videoconference. It is still not too late to register - so if interested, please hurry up! Some slots for contributed presentations are still available. Please let us know about your projects, experience, plans and issues with HTCondor. It’s a way to give back to the community in return for what you received from it.

European HTCondor Workshop 2021 Registration Open

August 3, 2021

The European HTCondor Workshop 2021 will be held Monday Sept 20 through Friday Sept 24 as a purely online event via videoconference. The workshop is an opportunity for novice and experienced users of HTCondor to learn, get help and have exchanges between them and with the HTCondor developers and experts. This event is organized by the European community (and optimized for European timezones) but everyone worldwide is welcomed to attend and participate.

Plan to replace Grid Community Toolkit functionality

June 21, 2021

We are working to retire the use of the Grid Community Toolkit libraries (or GCT, which is a fork of the former Globus Toolkit) in the HTCondor Software Suite. Functionality provided by the GCT, such as GSI authentication, is rapidly being replaced by the use of IDTOKENS, SciTokens, and plain SSL within the ecosystem. Especially if your organization relies on GSI, please see this article on the htcondor-wiki that details our timeline and milestones for replacing GCT in HTCondor and the HTCondor-CE.

HTCondor Week 2021 Preliminary Schedule, Registration Reminder

April 30, 2021

HTCondor Week 2021 is just over three weeks away! We are pleased to announce a preliminary schedule: https://agenda.hep.wisc.edu/event/1579/timetable/#20210524.detailed This will likely have some adjustments before the actual event, but it should still give people an overall sense of what to expect. Also, a reminder that registration is free but mandatory. Only registered users will be sent the meeting URL and password. You can sign up from our website: https://agenda.hep.wisc.edu/event/1579/registrations/239/

HTCondor 8.9.12 no longer available

March 26, 2021

On March 26 2021 at 3:30pm the HTCondor v8.9.12 release was pulled down from our website after significant backwards-compatibility problems were discovered. We plan to fix these problems in v8.9.13 to be released by March 30. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Come find us on Twitter!

December 23, 2020

After a long social media absence, we’ve resuscitated our Twitter acount where we’ve been posting about HTCondor news, events, philosophy and other distributed systems related banter. Come find us and chime in! https://twitter.com/HTCondor

Campus Workshop on distributed high-throughput computing (dHTC) February 8-9, 2021

December 18, 2020

Save the date and register now for another Campus Workshop on distributed high-throughput computing (dHTC), February 8-9, 2021, offered by the Partnership to Advance Throughput computing (PATh). All campus cyberinfrastructure (CI) staff are invited to attend!

Feb 8: Training on Using and Facilitating the Use of dHTC and the Open Science Grid (OSG), 2-5pm ET. seats limited; register ASAP!
Feb 9: dHTC Virtual Office Hours with breakout rooms for discussion on all things dHTC, including OSG services for campuses and CC* awards, 2-5pm ET. unlimited seats

While there is no fee for either day, registration is required for participants to receive virtual meeting room details and instructions for training accounts via email. Please feel free to send any questions about the event to events@opensciencegrid.org.

National Science Foundation establishes a partnership to advance throughput computing

October 26, 2020

Recognizing the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s leadership role in research computing, the National Science Foundation announced this month that the Madison campus will be home to a five-year, 22.5 million dollar initiative to advance high-throughput computing. The Partnership to Advance Throughput Computing (PATh) is driven by the growing need for throughput computing across the entire spectrum of research institutions and disciplines. The partnership will advance computing technologies and extend adoption of these technologies by researchers and educators. Read the full article: https://morgridge.org/story/national-science-foundation-establishes-a-partnership-to-advance-throughput-computing/

A Community of Computers

October 14, 2020

Through the breakthrough concept of distributed computing, Miron Livny pioneered a way to harness massive amounts of computing and transformed the process of scientific discovery. Read the full article: https://ls.wisc.edu/news/a-community-of-computers

Miron Livny wins IEEE 2020 Outstanding Technical Achievement Award

July 21, 2020

The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Distributed Processing (TCDP) has named Professor Miron Livny from University of Wisconsin as the recipient of the 2020 Outstanding Technical Achievement Award. See https://tc.computer.org/tcdp/awardrecipients/.

2020 IEEE TDCP ICDCS High Impact Paper Award

July 21, 2020

The initial HTCondor research paper from 1988, “Condor – A Hunter of Idle Workstations”, has won the 2020 IEEE TDCP ICDCS High Impact Paper Award. “To celebrate the 40 years anniversary of the International Conference on Distributed Systems (ICDCS), the IEEE Technical Committee on Distributed Processing (TCDP) Award Committee has selected ICDCS High Impact Papers that have profoundly influenced the field of distributed computing systems.” See https://tc.computer.org/tcdp/awardrecipients/

HTCondor-CE Virtual Office Hours (21 July 8-10am CDT)

July 9, 2020

On July 21, the CHTC will be hosting virtual office hours for the HTCondor-CE from 8-10am CDT. The HTCondor-CE software is a Compute Entrypoint (CE) based on HTCondor for sites that are part of a larger computing grid (http://htcondor-ce.org). During these office hours, we will be hosting a virtual room for general discussion with additional breakout rooms where you can meet with CHTC team members to discuss specific topics and questions. No appointment needed, just drop in! Office hour coordinates will be made available on the day of the event on this page: https://research.cs.wisc.edu/htcondor/office-hours/2020-07-21-HTCondorCE

Re-release of 8.9.5 deb Packages for Debian and Ubuntu

February 25, 2020

The HTCondor team is re-releasing the HTCondor 8.9.5 deb packages for Debian and Ubuntu. An error caused the Python bindings to be placed in the wrong directory, rendering them nonfunctional.

Univ of Manchester dynamically grows HTCondor in to Amazon cloud

February 13, 2020

A recently posted article at Amazon explains how the Univ of Manchester dynamically grows the size of their HTCondor pool with resources from AWS by using the HTCondor Annex tool.

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