Condor Version 6.1.7 Released

June 1, 1999

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Condor 6.1.7 is now available for download for Alpha Linux and Intel Linux with glibc. There are no other new features, and no bug fixes from 6.1.6, so we do not even provide binaries for 6.1.7 on any other platforms. On Alpha Linux, we only support vanilla jobs at this time. There is no support for checkpointing and remote system calls yet (though we’ll be working on that and making it available ASAP). For Intel, all of the linking problems with machines using glibc 2.0.X and the various versions of EGCS have been resolved in 6.1.7. Therefore, Red Hat 5.X and Debian 2.0.X should work. Red Hat 6.0 and the latest Debian release are NOT SUPPORTED by Condor yet. They use the new 2.2.X Linux kernel, and glibc version 2.1.X, which are not supported at this time. Sometime soon, we’ll support all combinations of kernels, compilers, and versions of libc that are available with Linux. For complete details, you can read about what’s new in this version.