HTCondor 8.9.8 released!

August 6, 2020

The HTCondor team is pleased to announce the release of HTCondor 8.9.8. This development series release contains new features that are under development. This release contains all of the bug fixes from the 8.8.10 stable release. Enhancements in the release include: Added htcondor.dags and htcondor.htchirp to the HTCondor Python bindings; New condor_watch_q tool that efficiently provides live job status updates; Added support for marking a GPU offline while other jobs continue; The condor_master command does not return until it is fully started; Deprecated several Python interfaces in the Python bindings. Further details can be found in the Development Version History and the Stable Version History. HTCondor 8.9.8 binaries and source code are available from our Downloads page.