Brain Dump Alan De Smet Ht Condor View

I developed the HTML/Javascript front end for HTCondor View, the successor to Condor View. It's built on Afterquery , but is very heavily forked from it now. Todd T is developing the back end.

The code is on the master branch, in the "view" subdirectory.

While the entire history should be in the master branch, if you want access to the original Git repo it was developed in, see /afs/ .

Tracking ticket:

"Upstream" at the moment is ; it's where I've been trying to break things into small pieces in homes of getting them merged into the ultimate upstream at . It does not include everything in the local git repo (nor, probably, should it, as the local repo is expected to be very HTCondor specific). As of February 1, 2016, no pull requests have been accepted or acknowledged.

Notes on the file format and naming convention are at #5412 : HTCondor View: rolling file name format

Files in the view subdirectory:

  • index.html - Full fledged example of usage; multiple graphs on one page.

  • ranger.html - Example of using HTCondorViewRanged (UI for selecting date range). Requires data created by make-view-test-data.

  • fullscreen.html - Used when you click the "full screen" link for a graph.

  • edit.html - Used when you click the "edit" link for a graph.

  • syntax.html - Documents writing queries. Linked from edit.html.

  • json.html - Documents the file format for the data. Linked from edit.html.

  • HTCondor-View.svg - Logo, shown at top of web pages.

  • htcondorview.css - HTCondor View specific formatting.

  • htcondor.css - HTCondor web formatting not specifically for HTCondor View.

  • htcondorview.js - (Almost) all of the Javascript for implementing the graphs. Includes the objects:

    • HTCondorView - General display. Built on AfterqueryObj

    • HTCondorViewDataFiles - Internal to HTCondorView; calculates which files to download for a given date range.

    • HTCondorViewRanged - Extension of HTCondorView, adding a UI for selecting a date range.

    • Date extensions - For working with ISO 8601 week-of-year dates.

    • AfterqueryObj - Graphing library. Based on Afterquery, but with an object oriented interface.

    • HeatGrid - Adds support for heatgrid graphs.

  • postscript.js - Used to detect success or failure of JSONP loads. Must be a separate file.

  • make-view-test-data - Creates test data suitable for use with HTCondorViewRange/ranger.html

  • test.html - Testing various possible data file formats. Relies on data in test-data/

  • test-data/* - Data files for test.html

  • make-date-test - Generates a web page that does a brute force test of ISO 8601 week-of-year date handling.

  • make-test-data - Generates simple test data. Used to create examples in syntax.html, and to create test-data/*

  • date-calc.html - Tests calculations by HTCondorViewDateFiles. Currently broken.

  • foo.cgi- - Simple /bin/bash CGI to serve JSON files, adding JSONP wrappers if requested.

  • TODO - Random notes.