Bts Testing Condor On Windows

This is BT's Testing Condor On Windows page.


  • Install Active-State Perl
  • Install HTCondor("condor_install -make-personal")

in CS to have networking work the best, my condor_config looks like this:

use ROLE : CentralManager Execute Submit
#use ROLE : Personal

# use host based security, modified to allow the other crane to join the pool.
if 1
MY_CS_SUBNET = 128.105.136

On my laptop in CS my condor_config.local looks like this:

RunBenchmarks = 0

Preparing for testing

The easiest way to get an ititial Windows HTCondor test environment is to install the HTCondor msi. Take all the defaults and when you get to where jobs run, allow them to run unimpeeded on the current system. (After you have a test machine set up, you can replace the binaries with ones from the zip file release for HTCondor)

Testing needs

On my laptop I have the MSI installed to c:\condor with my test location assembled in c:\condor_tests and condor_examples in c:\condor_examples.

There are four things needed for testing on windows that need to be assembled

  1. built tests
  2. all sources for src/condor_tests and src/condor_examples
  3. Condor.PM,,, and from src/condor_scripts
  4. placement choices: The directory condor_examples needs to be in same folder as condor_tests.
  5. If the condor perl modules are not in a well known system location place them in your selected test location.

Add to the system PATH environment variable the location of the HTCondor binaries

Set Up Option 1 - Building on windows from git clone

  1. You have a git clone and built the tests
  2. Copy to a testing location of your choice from the clone parts as mentioned above condor_examples condor_scripts condor_tests
  3. Copy Condor.PM,,, and batch_tests.plfrom condor_scripts to your condor testing location/condor_tests
  4. Place condor_examples(from clone) in the same folder as your selected testing location. ie "your condor_testing location"/condor_examples
  5. Copy all of the built tests contents to your selected condor testing location/condor_tests
  6. After the BLD_TESTS step of the build, depending on kind of build, you need to fetch , at a minimum, the build exe files for tests and copy them to your condor_testing location/condor_tests. In my case since I do a debug build in c:\condor_localbuild, these files are located in c:\condor_localbuild\src\condor_tests\RelWithDebInfo

You should now be able to run single tests in the testing location you chose for test -d . -t

Set Up Option 2 - using either or

  1. you still want to have a fully installed HTCondor from the msi with the path to the release binaries in the system path.
  2. A Unzip to some folder and in that folder run the command above.
  3. B Go to
  4. Choose a suitable build. master will be the next devleoper release or V8_[2,4] for the latest stable build. Under each platform are two color coded boxes. The one on the left under any platform will take you to the builds of all the platforms.
  5. Under the windows 8 build steps will be a remote_post step. If green click on it and get the file "results.tar.gz".
  6. Choose where your testing location will be and place only the "condor_examples" and "condor_tests" folders. These are complete with all you need for testing
  7. Go into that condor_tests folder and run the command above

Results runs a single test currently and will be renamed in the next deveoper series(V8_5). We are still deciding how to auto test multiple tests from a known list per platform.