Code Cruft

As you encounter items in the code that could perhaps be purged, list em here.

  • #1211 , #1212
  • any backwards compatibility code that predates v6.8 or so (grep for version object usage?) ( #953 , #1226 )
  • any compatibility with CRUFT in its name, e.g. VM_CRUFT ( #62 )
  • any remaining pvm code (exists in submit, schedd, shadow, starter, startd)
  • dead code surrounded by "#if 0", it can be removed in commits that'd be easy to find again
  • code for platforms that are no longer supported, e.g DUX, ULTRIX, etc
  • code that will be used soon, circa 2005, e.g. src/condor_dagman/node_scheduler/
  • stork, now that it has an upstream of its own
  • src/packaging/, which should live at the distro's upstream AND is very out of date
  • any quill code related to oracle, which only ever worked once for a student
  • quill & tt, after it is transitioned to be a plugin contrib
  • BIOTECH=TRUE, baby!
  • The src/h directory
  • struct proc and friends
  • condor_c++_util/classadlogparser.cpp #define's free to avoid segfaults
  • #undef open before inclusion of classad_distribution.h
  • START_owner
  • merge show_queue and show_queue_buffered in queue.cpp
  • soap_core.cpp uses subsys + "_PARAM" style
  • turn calls to sigprocmask into condor_sigmask and update condor_macros.h
  • startd is sleep()y ( #837 )
  • -1 is a common tid representing "no timer", it is checked with != -1 and >= 0. tid should be a type.
  • some code does "if (daemonCore)", suggests the code might be executing after the global daemonCore object is deleted, or before it is constructed, which should not happen


  • grid universe mirror jobs