Compiling Htcondor Without Afs

Compiling Without AFS

To: HTCondor Team mailing list
Subject: Re: IMPORTANT changes to build system (please read)
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 22:48:30 -0600
From: Derek Wright <>

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 22:27:55 -0600 Se-Chang Son wrote:

    > could you tell me how to build HTCondor on a machine w/o AFS
    > under this new rule of build system?

whoops! i don't know if you ever got help with this, but i just found your message burried in my inbox...

    > 1. copied files from /p/condor/workspaces/... to a private machine
    > 2. changed 'Top' value of config/site.def accordingly
    > 3. created build directory and symlinks under it appropriately (?):
    >     + build/config -> $(Top)/config
    >     + build/imake -> $(Top)/imake

this is where you went wrong...

you don't want build/imake itself to be a symlink to the top-level $(Top)/imake. you want the imake directory to be a local directory, and all the files in $(Top)/imake to be symlinked into the imake directory. this is just like any directory of a given HTCondor daemon inside src. you need to locally compile your own copy of imake your build workspace.

the best thing to do if you're trying to not use AFS would probably be to copy /p/condor/home/bin/new_workspace to your machine, too, and run that. it does everything for you, even editing your copy of config/site.def to point to the right location.

(can someone remind me of the magic perl incantation for the top of a script so it works anywhere, instead of having a hard-coded path to perl?)

    > 4. ran 'build/src/condor_imake'

didn't this give you any error messages?

    > 5. ran 'make' under 'build/src' and got an error:
    >     + Makefile:229: *** target file `submit.tar' has both : and :: entries.  Stop.

this usually means you don't have a good version of imake...

sorry for the delay in answering!