Google Drive Design Document Backups

See GoogleDriveWisdom for an overview of using Google Drive.

See DesignDoc for an overview of how to write a design document.

Our design documents are now kept in a shared Google Drive folder. To protect against their loss we're making regular backups everything in the "HTCondor Design Documents" folder. Other documents are not backed up (although you can easily adapt these instructions to do so, and see "Google Takeout" below).

Current backup master: Alan De Smet


  • You need access to the HTCondor Design Documents. If you have not done so before, follow the directions on GoogleDriveWisdom .
  • You need a CS department login, and access to at least one Linux computer in the department. Getting this is outside of the scope of this document.

Making a backup

Once per week(ish):

  1. Log in per GoogleDriveWisdom .

  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the folder "HTCondor Design Documents". backup-1-checkbox.png

  3. Some buttons should have appeared above the list of files and folders. Click the "More" at the top, not the one on the left side. A menu should appear; click "Download...". A dialog box labelled "Convert and Download" should appear. backup-2-menu.png

  4. Next to "Change all formats to:" click "MS Office". Click "Download". backup-3-download.png

  5. Wait to be notified your download is ready. The dialogue box will probably say "Zipping Complete". backup-4-download.png

  6. Your download should automatically start; if it doesn't click the link "click here to download". backup-4-download.png

  7. If you are using Safari: Google sent you a zip file, but your browser may have automatically opened up the zip, leaving you with a new folder named "HTCondor Design Documents." If this is true, you'll need to create a new zip file of that folder.

  8. Ensure that the file is named something like , with the current date in the last part in year-month-day order. If it's not already in that pattern, rename it.

  9. Put the download into our backup directory, /p/condor/gittrac-backups/design-documents . Don't worry about other zip files already in the directory; we're keeping all of them for now.
    • I'm using my own Mac OS X computer: Use a tool like Cyberduck . You'll want to connect to a CS department Linux computer using "SFTP". Log in with your CS department user name and password. Navigate to /p/condor/gittrac-backups/design-documents and copy the zip file there.
    • I'm on a CSL supported Linux computer: Copy the file into /p/condor/gittrac-backups/design-documents
    • I'm not on a CSL supported Linux computer, but I have AFS: Copy the file into /afs/

  10. In a different folder , unzip the archive and open at least one of the files to ensure it looks plausibly correct. You can delete the unzipped files afterward; we're just keeping the zip archive as a backup.

Google Takeout

Summary: we're not using it, ignore references to it. If you care what it is any why we're ignoring it:

Google Takeout allows bulk export of all of your Google Drive files, as well as many other things in Google's cloud storage. This is a good way to back up your own files. Unfortunately it captures everything, so is a poor fit for backing up the design documents because it will include unrelated documents in Drive. It also doesn't work with multiple logins, which can be nuisance (you'll need to log out of all Google accounts except your UW Google Apps account).

Documentation on using Google Takeout with your UW Google Apps account can be found at