Htcondor Quill

WARNING! Current version of HTCondor do not support Quill. Support for Quill has ceased starting with HTCondor v8.6.0+. This page is just for archival purposes and/or for very old HTCondor installations

Module Description

HTCondor Quill is available as a contrib module and no longer released with the HTCondor binaries.

Note that Quill is no longer tested or supported starting with HTCondor v8.4.0!!

Quill consists of two daemons, condor_quill and condor_dbmsd . It manages a database that represents a copy of the HTCondor job queue. condor_q and condor_history tools can then query the database.


The module is contained in the HTCondor source tree in src/condor_contrib/condor_dbmsd (dbmsd) and src/condor_contrib/condor_tt (quill) as of HTCondor 7.5.5.


The contact for this module is the HTCondor Team