Lark Openflow Demo

Switch (non-openflow) s-cssc-b240-5 provides connectivity to the Lark infrastructure:
  • Gi1/0/4 - management interface em1 on host 'ofswitch' (vlan 1420)
  • Gi1/0/5 - openflow interface em2 on host 'ofswitch' (vlan 3325)
  • Gi1/0/5 - openflow interface eth1 on host 'lark01' (vlan 3325)
  • Gi1/0/40 - management interface eth0 on host 'lark01' (vlan 1420)

Host 'ofswitch'

  • runs the cisco one openflow controller at
    Run via java /root/cisco/org.eclipse.osgi.jar in a screen session. Use screen -r as root to re-attach.
  • See LarkOpenflowDemoFlows
  • hosts the web demo software at
    Files are in /var/www
  • runs openvswitch
    $ sudo /usr/local/bin/ovs-vsctl show
        Bridge of-switch
            Controller "tcp:"
                is_connected: true
            Port of-switch
                Interface of-switch
                    type: internal
            Port "p1p1"
                Interface "p1p1"
            Port "p1p2"
                Interface "p1p2"
            Port "p1p3"
                Interface "p1p3"
            Port "p1p4"
                Interface "p1p4"
        ovs_version: "1.9.90"
  • Alan took snapshots of /var/www on ovswitch in late January to capture the web interface.
    This isn't a proper repository of any sort, just tarballs.
    They are at /afs/
Host 'lark01'
  • Runs a self-contained lark enabled htcondor
  • Relevant demo files are in /home/larkdemo (in there is a README file that goes into more detail) and /etc/condor:
  • repository is at /afs/ which is a non-bare git repository.
    The copies in /home/larkdemo on lark00 or lark01 are just copies.
  • Runs dnsmasq:
    # default route