Osg Procd

For wisdom regarding the ProcD in general, see ProcdWisdom .

Update The osg procd fork was merged into mainline HTCondor for HTCondor 7.5.6.


The OSG ProcD is a forked version of the ProcD used in HTCondor. (Ideally, of course, we'd only have a single ProcD; See #111 ). The OSG ProcD is made available as part of the VDT, and is currently used by a GLExec plugin authored by Igor Sfiligoi that is used to improve accounting in OSG in the presence of pilot jobs. The paper here describes this work in detail. The last release of the software was here .

Differences from the Mainline ProcD

The OSG ProcD does not differ much from what we ship with HTCondor. There are really only two things:

First, the OSG ProcD uses HTCondor's configuration subsystem and dprintf logging. It would be really nice to have this in the mainline ProcD as well. (See #110 ).

Second, the way GID-based process tracking works is different. In mainline HTCondor, the ProcD takes care of maintaining a pool of GIDs and allocating them as needed. When a HTCondor daemon asks for GID-based tracking, the ProcD allocates a free GID from its pool and returns it to the daemon, which then inserts this GID into the supplementary group list of its child process. In the OSG ProcD, a tool called gidd_alloc is used to probe the system for a free GID within a specified range. This GID can then be inserted into a process's group list then given to the ProcD to use for GID-based tracking.

Note that the gidd_alloc tool is built from gidd_alloc.c in the condor_gidd directory of V7_1-procd_osg-branch. There's a bunch of other code in there too, but none of it made it to prime time and it can be ignored.

Releasing the OSG ProcD

The code for the OSG ProcD exists on V7_1-procd_osg-branch in CONDOR_SRC.git. This branch also exists in CONDOR_EXT.git where uneeded externals have been trimmed out and in CONDOR_DOC.git as a convenience so that build tag aren't needed to produce the OSG ProcD binaries.

To build the OSG ProcD in NMI for all the platforms on which we ship it in the VDT, use a command like this:

$ ~cndrauto/condor/nmi_tools/condor_nmi_submit \
      --git \
      --build \
      --without-tests \
      --platforms=x86_rhas_3,x86_rhas_4,x86_rhap_5,x86_64_rhas_4 \
      --tag=origin/V7_1-procd_osg-branch \

The results.tar.gz files that are produced will have all the files needed to create tarballs for the VDT. To produce the final tarballs, you need to extract binaries from results.tar.gz and run a packaging script. For example to produce a 0.3 release of the OSG ProcD:

$ tar xzf results.tar.gz
$ tar xzf public/v7.1/condor-7.1.1-linux-x86-rhel5-dynamic-unstripped.tar.gz
$ cd condor-7.1.1/libexec
$ ./package_osg_procd
created procd.tgz
$ cp procd.tgz /path/to/somewhere/procd-0.3-x86_rhap_5.tgz

The above steps need to be done for each platform. The four resulting tarballs:


can then be given to the VDT for packaging.