Scripting Course Syllabus

  1. Course Schedule
Day Instructor Topic/Notes; Learning Perl assigned
M 13 all Introductions; course mechanics (handout); course overview; getting and running Perl; resources
T 14 TC basic syntax: expressions, statements, basic loops
R 16 AD collections (lists/arrays, hashes); loops on collections
F 17 NL basic text file I/O (ARGV); file tests, directory access (globbing)
M 20 TC procedures/subroutines/functions: using and writing (DRY)
T 21 AD advanced data structures (e.g., references)
R 23 NL regular expressions — syntax
F 24 NL regular expressions — usage
M 27 AD automatically available functions
T 28 NL libraries/modules in standard distro (command-line options); finding other modules; rolling your own
R 30 TC system processes
F 31 AD object-oriented scripting
M 3 NL error handling: print statements, error/exception handling, debugger
T 4 TC unit testing; inline documentation
R 6 TC web applications
F 7 AD student-voted problem solution or two

  1. Daily Format
    1. turn in homework [0]
    2. announcements [0–1]
    3. brief homework solution [4–5]
    4. daily topic [30]
    5. new homework [5]
    6. questions/discussion [5]

  2. Mechanics
    1. Homework/Attendance/Grading
      • Homework is handed out each day but last
      • Homework is ONLY accepted at the start of class on the due date.
      • Each homework assignment is worth 2 pts. for a reasonable attempt, 1 pt. for something that was turned in but doesn't look like real effort (our judgment call!), 0 pts. for no homework. Thus, max = 30 pts.
      • Need 20 pts. to get credit

  3. Office Hours

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