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Todd Tannenbaum first became involved with the HTCondor Project in 1993, while working as the Unix systems manager for the UW Madison College of Engineering. In 1995, Todd became director of the Model Advanced Facility (MAF) at UW Madison, a center which focused on high performance (and high throughput) computing. In 1997, Todd joined the HTCondor team as a full-time researcher and currently serves as the Project Technical Lead and Co-Principal Investigator. On the HTCondor team, Todd's responsibilities include the day-to-day management of the full-time development staff. Todd is also heavily involved in the design and implementation details of future HTCondor releases. His direct software engineering contributions to HTCondor include the low-level libraries which provide HTCondor's communication framework, process management, distributed scheduling algorithms, protocol designs, and portability layers. In addition to research publications, Todd has over 25 articles published in several of the nation's leading software development and network administration publications such as Network Computing, Dr. Dobbs Journal, and Information Week.

For more information, including contact info, see Todd's UW-Madison CS Dept homepage .


Todd's hobbies include playing electric guitar and bass guitar, cooking (esp Indian food and grilling), biking, anything computer-related, and plenty of geeky endeavors .


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