Why Do Vmware Jobs With Sym Links Fail

Why are my vm universe VMware jobs failing and being put on hold?

Strange behavior has been noted when HTCondor tries to run a vm universe VMware job using a path to a VMX that contains a symbolic link. An example of an error message that may appear in such a job's user log:

Error from starter on master_vmuniverse_strtd@nostos.cs.wisc.edu:
/31426vmuniverse/execute/dir_31534/vmN3hylp_condor.vmx) = 1/Error:
Command failed: A file was not found/(ERROR)

Can't create snapshot for vm(/scratch/gquinn/condor/git/CONDOR_SRC

This problem may exist when using file transfer, which is when the submit description file contains vmware_should_transfer_files = true . Work around the problem by modifying configuration variable EXECUTE on all execute machines, such that they do not contain symbolic link path components.

If using a shared file system, ensure that the submit description file command vmware_dir does not use symbolic link path name components.