Package condor.classad

Class Summary
AttrRef A reference to another attribute.
ClassAd A library of handy methods for manipulating classad expressions.
ClassAdParser A factory for creating classad expressions (instances of Expr), by parsing a textual representation.
ClassAdReader Convert a serialized classified advertisement into a stream of characters.
CondExpr A conditional expression.
Constant A constant (Integer, Real, etc.).
Context A context for evaluating ClassAd expressions.
Expr A node of an expression tree.
FuncCall A function call.
GetOpt Java version of GNU getopt
GetOpt.LongOption A record used in a table of option descriptions passed to a constructor of GetOpt.
ListExpr A list of expressions.
Op A unary or binary expression.
Query A parsed "query" in a very simple ad hoc query language inspired by SQL.
RecordExpr A "record" expression (also known as a "classad").
SelectExpr An internal (non-leaf) node of an expression tree, representing a selection of component of a record.
SubscriptExpr A selection from a list.