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The following directories contain the configuration for HTCondor-CE. The directories are parsed in the order presented and thus configuration within the final directory will override configuration specified in the previous directories.

Location Comment
/usr/share/condor-ce/config.d/ Configuration defaults (overwritten on package updates)
/etc/condor-ce/config.d/ Files in this directory are parsed in alphanumeric order (i.e., 99-local.conf will override values in 01-ce-auth.conf)

For a detailed order of the way configuration files are parsed, run the following command:

user@host $ condor_ce_config_val -config


The following users are needed by HTCondor-CE at all sites:

User Comment
condor The HTCondor-CE will be run as root, but perform most of its operations as the condor user.


File User that owns certificate Path to certificate
Host certificate root /etc/grid-security/hostcert.pem
Host key root /grid-security/hostkey.pem


Service Name Protocol Port Number Inbound Outbound Comment
Htcondor-CE tcp 9619 X HTCondor-CE shared port

Allow inbound and outbound network connection to all internal site servers, such as the batch system head-node only ephemeral outgoing ports are necessary.