Computing with HTCSS

HTCSS provides an array of services for automating and managing batch workloads and computing resources.

Whether your idea of large scale computing is your desktop or a planet-wide pool of resources, HTCSS provides the technologies for managing workloads and all your computing resources. HTCSS consists of four main components: the Access Point (AP), the Central Manager (CM), the Execution Point (EP), and the Compute Element (CE).

Note: The HTCondor Software Suite (HTCSS) was known as 'Condor' from 1988 until its name changed in 2012. If you are looking for Phoenix Software International's software development and library management system for z/VSE or z/OS, click here.

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HTCondor 9.3.0 released!
November 3, 2021
HTCondor 9.0.7 released!
November 2, 2021
HTCondor 9.2.0 released!
September 23, 2021
HTCondor 9.0.6 released!
September 23, 2021
HTCondor-CE 5.1.2 released!
September 23, 2021

HTCondor Software Suite

HTCondor is a software system that creates a High-Throughput Computing (HTC) environment. It effectively uses the computing power of machines connected over a network, be they a single cluster, a set of clusters on a campus, cloud resources either standalone or temporarily joined to a local cluster, or international grids. Power comes from the ability to effectively harness shared resources with distributed ownership.

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The HTCondor-CE software is a Compute Entrypoint (CE) based on HTCondor for sites that are part of a larger computing grid (e.g. European Grid Infrastructure, Open Science Grid). As such, HTCondor-CE serves as a "door" for incoming resource allocation requests (RARs) — it handles authorization and delegation of these requests to a grid site's local batch system. Supported batch systems include Grid Engine, HTCondor, LSF, PBS Pro/Torque, and Slurm.

For an introduction to HTCondor-CE, watch our recorded webinar from the EGI Community Webinar Programme.

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