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Installing HTCondor-CE 6

Joining the OSG Consortium (OSG)?

If you are installing an HTCondor-CE for the OSG, consult the OSG-specific documentation.

HTCondor-CE is a special configuration of the HTCondor software designed as a Compute Entrypoint solution for computing grids (e.g. European Grid Infrastructure, The OSG Consortium). It is configured to use the Job Router daemon to delegate resource allocation requests by transforming and submitting them to the site’s batch system. See the home page for more details on the features and architecture of HTCondor-CE.

Use this page to learn how to install, configure, run, test, and troubleshoot HTCondor-CE 6 from the CHTC yum repositories.

Before Starting

Before starting the installation process, consider the following points (consulting the reference page as necessary):

  • User IDs: If they do not exist already, the installation will create the condor Linux user (UID 4716)
  • SSL certificate: The HTCondor-CE service uses a host certificate and key for SSL authentication
  • DNS entries: Forward and reverse DNS must resolve for the HTCondor-CE host
  • Network ports: The pilot factories must be able to contact your HTCondor-CE service on port 9619 (TCP)
  • Submit host: HTCondor-CE should be installed on a host that already has the ability to submit jobs into your local cluster running supported batch system software (Grid Engine, HTCondor, LSF, PBS/Torque, Slurm)
  • File Systems: Non-HTCondor batch systems require a shared file system between the HTCondor-CE host and the batch system worker nodes.

There are some one-time (per host) steps to prepare in advance:

  • Ensure the host has a supported operating system (Red Hat Enterprise Linux variant 7)
  • Obtain root access to the host
  • Prepare the EPEL and HTCondor Development Yum repositories
  • Install CA certificates and VO data into /etc/grid-security/certificates and /etc/grid-security/vomsdir, respectively

Installing HTCondor-CE


HTCondor-CE must be installed on a host that is configured to submit jobs to your batch system. The details of this setup is site-specific by nature and therefore beyond the scope of this document.

  1. Clean yum cache:

    root@host # yum clean all --enablerepo=*
  2. Update software:

    root@host # yum update

    This command will update all packages

  3. Select the appropriate convenience RPM:

    If your batch system is... Then use the following package...
    Grid Engine htcondor-ce-sge
    HTCondor htcondor-ce-condor
    LSF htcondor-ce-lsf
    PBS/Torque htcondor-ce-pbs
    SLURM htcondor-ce-slurm
  4. Install the CE software:

    root@host # yum install <PACKAGE>

    Where <PACKAGE> is the package you selected in the above step.

Next Steps

At this point, you should have all the necessary binaries, scripts, and default configurations. The next step is to configure authentication to allow for remote submission to your HTCondor-CE.

Getting Help

If you have any questions or issues with the installation process, please contact us for assistance.