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Operating an HTCondor-CE

To verify that you have a working installation of HTCondor-CE, ensure that all the relevant services are started and enabled then perform the validation steps below.

Managing HTCondor-CE services

In addition to the HTCondor-CE job gateway service itself, there are a number of supporting services in your installation. The specific services are:

Software Service name
Your batch system condor or pbs_server or …
HTCondor-CE condor-ce
(Optional) APEL uploader condor-ce-apel and condor-ce-apel.timer

Start and enable the services in the order listed and stop them in reverse order. As a reminder, here are common service commands (all run as root):

To... On EL7, run the command...
Start a service systemctl start <SERVICE-NAME>
Stop a service systemctl stop <SERVICE-NAME>
Enable a service to start on boot systemctl enable <SERVICE-NAME>
Disable a service from starting on boot systemctl disable <SERVICE-NAME>

Validating HTCondor-CE

To validate an HTCondor-CE, perform the following steps:

  1. Verify that local job submissions complete successfully from the CE host. For example, if you have a Slurm cluster, run sbatch from the CE and verify that it runs and completes with scontrol and sacct.

  2. Verify that all the necessary daemons are running with condor_ce_status -any.

  3. Verify the CE's network configuration using condor_ce_host_network_check.

  4. Verify that jobs can complete successfully using condor_ce_trace.

Draining an HTCondor-CE

To drain an HTCondor-CE of jobs, perform the following steps:

  1. Set CONDORCE_MAX_JOBS = 0 in /etc/condor-ce/config.d

  2. Run condor_ce_reconfig to apply the configuration change

  3. Use condor_ce_rm as needed to stop and remove any jobs that should stop running

Once draining is completed, don't forget to restore the value of CONDORCE_MAX_JOBS to its previous value before trying to operate the HTCondor-CE again.

Checking User Authentication

The authentication method for submitting jobs to an HTCondor-CE is SciTokens. To see which authentication method and identity were used to submit a particular job (or modify existing jobs), you can look in /var/log/condor-ce/AuditLog.

If SciTokens authentication was used, you'll see a set of lines like this:

10/15/21 17:54:08 (cid:130) (D_AUDIT) Command=QMGMT_WRITE_CMD, peer=<>
10/15/21 17:54:08 (cid:130) (D_AUDIT) AuthMethod=SCITOKENS, AuthId=,htcondor-ce-dev,
10/15/21 17:54:08 (cid:130) (D_AUDIT) Submitting new job 2.0

Lines pertaining to the same client request will have the same cid value. Lines from different client requests may be interleaved.

Getting Help

If any of the above validation steps fail, consult the troubleshooting guide. If that still doesn't resolve your issue, please contact us for assistance.