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HTCondor-CE 6 is distributed via RPM and are available from the following Yum repositories:

Known Issues

Known bugs affecting HTCondor-CEs can be found in Jira In particular, the following bugs are of note:

  • C-style comments, e.g. /* comment */, in JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES will prevent the JobRouter from routing jobs (HTCONDOR-864). For the time being, remove any comments if you are still using the deprecated syntax.

Updating to HTCondor-CE 6

Updating from HTCondor-CE < 5

If updating to HTCondor-CE 6 from HTCondor-CE < 5, be sure to also consult the HTCondor-CE 5 upgrade instructions.

Finding relevant configuration changes

When updating HTCondor-CE RPMs, .rpmnew and .rpmsave files may be created containing new defaults that you should merge or new defaults that have replaced your customzations, respectively. To find these files for HTCondor-CE, run the following command:

root@host # find /etc/condor-ce/ -name '*.rpmnew' -name '*.rpmsave'

HTCondor-CE 6 is a major release that aligns its security model with HTCondor 9.0's improved security model. As such, upgrades from older versions of HTCondor-CE may require manual intervention.

HTCondor-CE 6 Version History

This section contains release notes for each version of HTCondor-CE 6. Full HTCondor-CE version history can be found on GitHub.


This release includes the following new features:

  • Align HTCondor-CE security configuration with HTCondor defaults
  • Add example configuration on how to ban users
  • Add condor_ce_transform_ads command
  • Improve essential directory checking and creation at startup

Getting Help

If you have any questions about the release process or run into issues with an upgrade, please contact us for assistance.